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If you've already adopted a Twisted Tree Pony, you can show them!We host shows every Monday. The shows are judged randomly (meaning we use dice and things such as that to pick the place. The places are picked randomly since no pony is better than another). To enter a show, please fill out the form below. If there is an error in sending this form, please copy all information and send it to: If a blank E-mail opens instead, please, again, copy all info and send it to

Your E-mail:

Your URL:

Your Adopted Pony's Show Name (The ponies did not come with names, so you can pick your own):

Your Pony's Barn Name (again, you name your pony):

Is there anything we could do to make Twisted Tree more enjoyable?:

Show results will be E-mailed to all competetors of that show. The prize varies... E-mail for any suggestions for prizes.

from here you can either go off to the barns, or go home again! Select your destination from the menu below.