Welcome to Born To Ride Version 2.0! Because I'm taking over B2R, there are going to be a few changes. I hope that's ok! :-). They aren't bad changes, they're really cool ones. They should get everyone more active. ALOT is going to be added on, because when I'm in charge of a SIM game, everything I think up is destined to pop up here sooner or later. You'll probably see something like "buy you're own home on B2R's property" haha! Hey! *scratches head* that's a good idea! Lol but anyway, some new additions will be the Olympics (The best of the best from alot of sim games compete), A B2R riding team (members join the team to compete against members from other SIM games), Member Businesses (Open you're own business like trail riding or something...), Breeding (I don't know if that was in the other one), Mishaps (like you broke your saddle or something and you have to buy a new one), And finally, the best of all, riding arenas!! You can ride your horses with other people who are logged on to the game at the same time! And all of your ideas are welcome! So, are you ready to ride?

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