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Want to join a fun newsletter? It's called White Sun and It's brand new, all about you, and wide open to all horse related topics!! If you would like to join the newsletter, fill out the form below. If you would like to submit ANYTHING to this newsletter, please browse the topics below and follow the directions.


White Sun Newsletter is all about you. Feel free to ad little adds saying something like "Hello everyone, e-mail me!" or long ads about your favorite horse, about your horse, and more! We will be holding competitions occasionally, also. There will be other sections like "Custom Horses" of the month, where the newly created horses will be posted. This newsletter will grow as our list of subscribers does, so please don't feel like there area limitations to what you can write about... here's some rules... No Crude Language, Don't say anything that will hurt someone else. Dissagreeing with their opinion is fine, but don't make it into a fight! Please keep on the subject of horses... hmmm.. that's all I can think of for now!!


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Categories: Ask Lindsay...Breeds...Twisted Tree Related...Pen Pals...Cool Websites...Your Diary...About your horse... True Stories... Instant Messages(you can make a funny conversation and send it in! This one does NOT have to be horse related, but remember it has to be appropriate!)...Funny Stuff (jokes, etc.)...Suggestions...Random(say anythign you want!)...Misc.(anything that doesn't fit a category below)

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