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If you've visited the barn, but still don't see a horse you would like, you can fill out this form for a custom made pony/horse!! If you are unable to send the E-mail by pressing the submit button for any reason, please copy all information below and send it to:

Sometimes, when you press the submit button, it will just open a blank E-mail. In this case, you will need to copy all info below and place it in an E-mail to

Your Website URL:

Would you like your site added to our homeapge? (please answer yes or no):

Base Color of horse:

Your E-mail:

Mane/Tail/Forelock color:

Jumping, Running,Guardian Angel, or Standing Pony (Standing ponies are currently not available)? (See "The Barn" for examples of Jumping,Running, Standing Ponies):

Eye Color:

Name of Pony/Horse (You're custom made horse will come with a name and certificate of creation):

Any other characteristics we should know about to create your virtual pony? (socks, stripe, snip, spots, dapples...):

Your Pony/Horse will be sent to you via E-mail ASAP!!!

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